Exponential Creativity

Thanks for swing by. While this website highlights my professional work as a writer, director, actor, musician and facilitator; it is my hope that  Muse³ becomes  a creative resource and inspirational touchstone for individual and co-creative adventures.  I want Muse³  to be for You, for Me, and our collective We. For it is our shared creative experience that is the exponential power of creativity, where the sum is much greater than individual parts played.

This process can be an electrifying experience to behold.

The Space Between

For me, this exponential power of creativity is most evident in my work with Acting Improvisation, or Improv. While performing Improv for an audience, or leading Improv workshops, the focus is simple:

  • start from a clean slate, a blank canvas (Being Present in the moment)
  • accept what is being offered (Saying “Yes”)
  • make an offer back (Saying “Yes and …”)
  • fully listen to the response of that offer (Focus, Being Present)
  • accept that response, which is the next offer (“Yes”)
  • respond, make an offer (“Yes, and …”)
  • repeat until done (Finding an end)

One person is not tasked with creating and directing the scene or story. Each player only has to add the next response and offer. And let the collective journey have it’s space to take shape.

At it’s best, the Improv journey is spontaneous, co-creative, co-supportive, and so much fun for those performing; as well as, the audience that is watching. By releasing individual expectations of how things should go (Controlling), we create the space for the co-creative muse to come into play. It is this shared “space between”, between each performer and between the performers and the audience, where the magic happens. The result is often exponentially more exciting, satisfying, and rewarding to watch; filled with surprising discoveries and delightful outcomes.

Steve Kohrherr – About Me

As, a theatre professional with 35+ years of performance and workshop facilitation experience,  creating this space for spontaneous engagement and spirit of play is a vital component of all my work. I have seen first hand how it offers each individual access to the collective creative process. In a performance setting, the spirit of play invites individual participation and personal engagement. In a workshop and/or residency, it further encourages teamwork and creative exploration. And it makes learning fun, much to the delight of students and teachers. Through playing, learning happens in a different, sometimes more meaningful, way.

This approach has led to many successful partnerships with notable Virginia Institutions, such as: Young Audiences of Virginia, The Chrysler Museum of Art, The National DDay Foundation, The Virginia Aquarium and The Virginia Hemophilia Foundation. All of these partnerships resulted in interactive original theatre productions that greatly supplement their ongoing educational programs. Programs that were enjoyed by over 400,000 Virginia students, teachers, and parents to date.

Yes, I must admit that I love it as well. I, too, feel energized when engaging with students, educators, and/or adults in a co-creative process. I liken it to the air after a thunderstorm has passed. An exciting energy is released and then we all breath in the resulting freshness of the moment. Lofty and poetic, I know. But when it happens, it is also just a simple truth of experience. You know it when you feel it, this exponential creative space, this experience of being apart of something greater than ourselves.

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I live in the sweet foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Central Virginia. Literally, all of Virginia is within a 3 hour drive (okay, maybe slightly longer for the Eastern Shore). But if you are interested in a program or workshop, send me an email at:


I am open to all inquires which nurture creativity and positive connection!