Steve Kohrherr is a professional writer, director, performer and residency facilitator.  He studied acting at James Madison University and, moved to New York City and took improv classes at the New Actors School. While in NYC, he also studied movement theatre with the Margolis Brown Adaptors and had master classes in clowning with Avner the Eccentric and James Calder. His skill in Acting Improv landed Steve a weekly gig at CBGB’s Second Stage. Upon returning to Virginia, Steve focused mainly creating and performing educational theater for Virginia students. His performances and original productions are know for their interactive and entertaining sparkle ( you can read some selected reviews here). To date, Steve’s performances and  productions have been seen over half a million students and adults. He continues to be a professional clown and firm believer in the healing power of laughter.


  • 2010 – The X Factor, Virginia Hemophilia Foundation
  • 2008 – A House Divided: Voices of the Civil War, Young Audiences of Virginia
  • 2006 – Simon Botch Settles Jamestown, SOL Theatre & Young Audiences of Virginia
  • 2005 – P.T. Phylum’s Amazing Animal Adaptations Of The Chesapeake Bay, The Virginia Aquarium
  • 2004 – The Fin Factor, The Virginia Aquarium
  • 2002 – Ordinary Heroes, Young Audience of Virginia & The National D-Day Memorial Foundation
  • 2002 – P.T. Phylum’s Ocean In Motion Extravaganza, The Virginia Aquarium
  • 2000 – Destination: America, The Chrysler Museum of Art
  • 1998 – The Players From Chelm,  The Chrysler Museum of Art
  • 1997 – The Greeks: Acropolis Now, Marmalade Children’s Theatre Co.


  • 2000 – Destination: America, The Chrysler Museum of Art
  • 1999 – The Search For Signs Of Intelligent Life In The Universe, Second Story Theater
  • 1998 – The Players From Chelm, The Chrysler Museum of Art
  • 1996 – Parallel Lives: The Kathy & Mo Show, The Actors Theater

Performance (Selected)

  • Seymour, Little Shop Of Horrors, Tidewater Dinner Theater
  • Trinculo, The Tempest/A Tempestade, Serpent Theater Ensemble
  • Musician, The Grapes Of Wrath, Old Dominion University Theater
  • Sloth, Every Fools Feast, Generic Theater
  • Orin, Children Of A Lesser God, Generic Theater
  • Shlimazel, The Players From Chelm, Second Story Theater
  • Harold, Manly Men, Second Story Theater
  • Dionysus, The Greeks: Acropolis Now, Marmalade Children’s Theatre
  • Hamlet/Petruchio, Scenes From Will, Total Theater Performance
  • Mercutio, Romeo And Juliet, Fools For Shakespeare
  • Ensemble, Koppelvision and Other Digital Deities, Margolis/Brown Adaptors
  • Briar Bear, Tales Of Virginia, Marmalade Children’s Theatre

Corporate Events

  • 2001 – Ricochet Radio II, Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance
  • 2000 – Ricochet Radio, Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance


  • 2002 – Comedy Shop, ShenanArts
  • 2002 – Radio Waves, Young Audiences of Virginia
  • 2002 to 2006 – Sea Scholars, Virginia Aquarium
  • 2001 – Peace Makers, ShenanArts
  • 2000 to 2006 – Act Out, Young Audiences of Virginia
  • 1999 to 2006 – Camp Chrysler, Chrysler Museum of Art
  • 1989 – The Creative Arts Team, New York University
  • 1983 to 1987 – Creative Adventures, Young Audiences of Virginia

Awards & Recognition

  • 2010 – The Distinction for Health Education Outreach, The X Factor, National Hemophilia Foundation
  • 2002 – Artist of the Year, Young Audiences of Virginia
  • 2000 – Artist of the Year, Young Audiences of Virginia
  • 1996 – Best Director of a Comedy, Parallel Lives: The Kathy & Mo Show, Portfolio Awards


  • Acting – New Actors Workshop; James Madison Univ.
  • Movement – Adaptors Movement Theater School
  • Clowning – Avner “the Eccentric”, James Calder