This web
Crafted between tree leaves
Ready to receive whatever nourishment it can

This web, these leaves
May not be here tomorrow, a week, or month from now
That is not it’s purpose

They exist for this moment
To gather what is offered
Using this nourishment to leap into the next moment


Sometimes you don’t really notice that your sink needs a good cleaning until flowers start growing in it.


Sound the trumpets
For a new day has arrived


Once more
As my eyes came into focus
My thoughts turned towards you



Morning Rose…
Good Morning


There are bridges
Through dark brambles
That connect paths


On the other side of the gate
Just past the “No Trespassing” sign
Fragrant blooms await.


Good Morning, Starshine
The Earth says “Hello”…


The Outer Space


Beauty & Presence


Anyone else having that wild rose feeling today?


May the morning sun illuminate…


Farewell Sun. Thanks!


We are unfolding
Moment to moment
Revealing the wings of who we truly are


The Breakout




Singing In The Rain


With gentle motion, I awake
As gratitude increases in volume
Joy brightens my screen

Entering a simple source code
I place myself on silent
Sliding over to vibrate


Life Choice #369-7A:

In a rush to get outside,
The front screen gets torn.
Are you annoyed at a needed repair?

Or do you rejoice
In the excited desire
To go dance in the warm Spring rain?


Tears of sorrow
Tears of joy
Stream from my heart

I am not quick to wipe them away
Allowing them to flow
And dry upon my skin


Fresh Honduras coffee
Reggae music
A pen
And blank page
All is write


New Growth
I release my desire
Allowing it to simply be


Virginia Sugar Snow. (My drag queen stage name)


A feather in the post



So I Bid Adieu

And roll away … the dew.