Here is the full version of Destination America: An Immigration Experience. I created this production for The Chrysler Museum of Art in 2000. Originally it was a 4 person production, but due to budget constraints, I rewrote it to be just a one person show. Surprisingly, it translated well into this format and ran for 3 years, in the Fall, as a center piece for student field trips for Hampton Roads schools. I also partnered with Young Audiences of Virginia (YAV) to tour this show to schools throughout Virginia.

Given the current discussion about immigration policies and issues, I am excited to once more partner with YAV and bring this show to school in the Winter/Spring of 2019.

I will continue to add selected writings and new works, so check back.

Below is a list of educational and corporate programs I have created in partnership with some Virginia organizations:


  • 2010 – The X Factor, Virginia Hemophilia Foundation
  • 2008 – A House Divided: Voices of the Civil War, Young Audiences of Virginia
  • 2006 – Simon Botch Settles Jamestown, SOL Theatre & Young Audiences of Virginia
  • 2005 – P.T. Phylum’s Amazing Animal Adaptations Of The Chesapeake Bay, The Virginia Aquarium
  • 2004 – The Fin Factor, The Virginia Aquarium
  • 2002 – Ordinary Heroes, Young Audience of Virginia & The National D-Day Memorial Foundation
  • 2002 – P.T. Phylum’s Ocean In Motion Extravaganza, The Virginia Aquarium
  • 2000 – Destination: America, The Chrysler Museum of Art
  • 1998 – The Players From Chelm,  The Chrysler Museum of Art
  • 1997 – The Greeks: Acropolis Now, Marmalade Children’s Theatre Co

Corporate Events

  • 2001 – Ricochet Radio II, Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance
  • 2000 – Ricochet Radio, Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance